Become a model

Vi vill varna för personer som utger sig för att vara representanter för Stockholmsgruppen eller
andra kända agenturer.
Stäm inte träff med okända personer ute på stan. 

Är vi intresserade blir du kallad till vårt kontor.
Ring oss vid tveksamheter.


You are welcome to file your application directly here at our 
website. Please read the information below. 

The form doesnt support all cellphones, if possible,
please use a computer.

Fields marked * are mandatory. You must enter the info.

You don’t need professional pictures, but we need them 
to be clear and photographed recently.

There are some different divisions at Stockholmsgruppen.

1. New Face, Development and Model Division:

For those who are, or wish to become, professional international models.

Female criteria:

You need to be between 170-182 cm and age 13-21 
(if you have no previous experience).

Male criteria:

You need to be between 180-190 cm and age 16-25.

2. Commercial Division:

For those who mostly do commercial assignments
rather than fashion and editorial.

3. People & Talent Division:

For anyone who enjoy being in front of the camera. 
You can be of any age, size and character.

4. Kids Division:

Click here for more info:

If you send your application by regular post, 
and if you want us to return your pictures, 
please include a stamped envelope with your name 
and address and send to:

Mailbox 544
114 11 Stockholm